Debt Free by 30 (Paying Off 30K by 2017)

I am writing this in the hopes that getting the idea out of my head and into the universe will help me (with time, patience, and hard work that I am prepared for!) to whittle down my student loan debt by the time I am thirty.

I want this weight off my shoulders!

I began college in the fall of 2006, as naive as they come.  I was also never taught how to manage money before.  I didn’t received an allowance growing up, so I never learned to budget nor save for anything.  I attended university for 3 1/2 years, racking up massive student loans to pay for both my tuition and multiple apartments.  My friend Jackie graduated a few months before I had made my decision to leave school.  I think the fact that the only job she could land coming straight out of college was managing a Mattress Firm (she’s moved on to greener pastures these days :)) is what really did it for me.  Why was I about to waste anymore time, money, and energy on something that may not pan out for me in the long run?

After quitting school, I remained in San Marcos for about 6 months – screwing off mostly, but working full time as well.  I did not, however, save up any money during that time.  Quite the opposite actually – and that is part of the reason why I ended up back at home.  I have never been good at saving money.  It’s just not one of those things in my repertoire of shit I am good at, in fact, it’s relatively high on the list of things I am not.  I love money, and just as much as I love getting it, I loooove spending it!  The only issue is that while I was in school, I often used the excess money from my loans to live beyond my means.  Instead of being wise and investing that into paying off my loans in the future, (again I said I was naive – which means young and dumb, of course) I spent the extra money on an iPod, clothes, and other such material items that I related (at the time) with my happiness.

After all it is a material world..Right?

Now here I am, 2 years since I quit school, with my loans rearing their ugly heads at me – so to speak.  Just today I got off the phone with Sallie Mae (a word to the wise – NEVER take out a loan with this company.  Their customer service is just plain awful and they harrass you 20 times per day..minimum.) and I was sent to their collections agency for not making my previous payments.  I was told I needed to pay $969 within the next 3 weeks (or they begin litigation, eek!) and then I can begin making payments of around $150 per month.  So, just like that, my savings are nearly depleted.  So obviously NOTHING gets achieved from trying to ignore these guys (lesson learned).. The next step is to start actually making an attempt to get my debt in line.

I accumulated roughly 30K (maybe a little more with interest) throughout my stint in university.  I am 23 right now.  That gives me around 6 1/2 years to pay off my debt (that’s less than $400 per month!).  I have complete faith in myself.. I just need to learn to stick with a budget and put every spare cent I can into decreasing the seemingly massive amount.  Thanks to Holly (the couch potato athlete) for her posts on debt relief!  (They couldn’t have come at a better time! :)) I signed up on so I can start a budget and savings plan.  I intend to learn at least one profitable side trade (sewing, glass blowing, and crystal wrapping are at the top of my list!) to also put towards my debt.

I need to quit being so intimidated by this dang machine. I will be a sewing master. 🙂

For the first time ever, I am excited to see the hundreds of dollars go.. Because that means the sooner I will be finished with this madness!  I can already feel the sweet relief of being debt free.  And that’s the exact emotion I will continue to allow myself to portray.  No longer will I feel like a slave to these companies!  In no time at all (because let’s face it, the next 6 1/2 years are going to fly by as fast as the last did..) I will be on top of my finances.  That’s a feeling worth more money in the world.

Do you have  any short or long term goals?

*My short term goals include reading more (1 or more books per month), washing the dishes after I use them (I’ve gotten into the worst habit of letting the dishes stack up!), and being more aware/in control of my emotions.

*My long term goals include paying my debt, purchasing a nice (energy efficient) car, learning to belly dance, and working on forgiveness.

As for food, I’d like to introduce…

Sam’s Simple Salad and In-a-Cinch Vinaigrette

I usually have this for lunch while at work. I’ll pack it to go and bring the vinaigrette on the side. It’s very yummy and if I skip a day or two I’ll find myself with intense cravings!! 🙂

100% Raw Deliciousness


Bed of Organic Spring Mix

Thinly sliced red onions

Sliced cucumber (I cut them in half as well)

Chopped carrots

Cubed avocado

Diced tomato

Sprouts (these are Alfalfa)

Raw sunflower seeds

*If I’m not going raw, I will add shredded parmesan, goat cheese, or feta.

My Chinese horoscope is the Rabbit, so I have no problem eating "their" food! 🙂


Juice of one lemon

Splash of Red Wine Vinegar (equal parts to the lemon)

Season w/ Garlic Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Add Olive Oil to taste – Simply wisk together with whatever utensil you see fit 🙂

Not the best picture but you get an idea of the oil/vinegar ratio that I use.

Couldn’t get any more simple. That’s what I looove about it! I can hear my tummy rumbling, sounds like dinner time for me! 🙂

Hope you have a good night!


❤ Sam

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4 Responses to Debt Free by 30 (Paying Off 30K by 2017)

  1. Katey @ Bonne Santé says:

    I love your posts and can really relate – your first paragraph about being naive with money is me in a nutshell! Living out of home the past few years has taught me a lot, but I still find myself stretched each week and checking the old account balance is downright depressing! I know most people go through this, and I definitely do not think you’re alone in this dilemma.
    Steve Pavlina’s blog is awesome for money making tips and changing the way you think about the creation of wealth – check it out if you haven’t already!
    Best of luck with your debt-kicking goals 🙂

    • the neurotic yogini says:

      DUDE! Love Steve Pavlina!! He has so much wonderful insight and helpful tips!! And I definitely feel you.. but this is what our 20s are about, right? Struggling to make rent and buy food! Haha.. this too shall pass. That’s why I want to be done w/ it AT LEAST by 30.. So I can get the weight off my shoulders and ENJOY the rest! 🙂

      Thank you for reading!! 😀

      • Haha funny you should say this too shall pass, I have it tattoed on my shoulder!

        This is SO familiair to me, I’m sometimes a bit ashamed when I think of all the money I couldve saved up and havent. I don’t know where it goes sometimes… such a coincidence that I too have decided to start paying off my debt! I am still IN college and I still receive a loan from them every months but Ive decided that per next month im going to both quit the loan AND start paying small increments. I still have 2.5 years in college so 2.5 year without a monthly loan plus paying some back already should help immensily for when I’m actually done. sigh.

  2. the neurotic yogini says:


    Sounds like an awesome tat! 😉 And at least we are realizing this (fairly) early on so the rest of our lives we won’t be swimming in debt!!! Good luck w/ yours!

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