awe-some asanas

The following is a list of the main asanas in (more or less) the order I do them in every day.  Some days require more repetitions or lengthier pauses in the stretch, other days I’ll find myself on my mat 2-3 times or more!  It all just depends on how wound up I am, and the amount of time I can spend on my practice.  I hope the following will encourage you to begin your own daily (or multiple times daily ;)) yoga practice.

I typically begin with:

Upward Salute

Standing Forward Bend

Then I sit down on my mat and do:

Head-to-Knee Forward Bends

Bound Angle Pose (Cobbler’s Pose)

Staff Pose

Usually I’ll do a forward bend and touch my toes after this. Then continue with:

Marichi’s Pose (Sage’s Pose)

Then I will sit in Lotus Pose, twist to the left. Switch my legs and then twist to the right.  Followed by head rolls, 3 to the right and 3 to the left. When doing head rolls, inhale on the upward movement and exhale on the way back down.

Next I sit in Hero Pose, again twisting to the left and to the right.

Child’s Pose and Extended Child’s Pose (Extending your arms out in front of you)

Cobra Pose

Cow Pose

Cat Pose

Downward-Facing Dog

Then I’ll walk my arms up and stand into Chair Pose:

I will stand all the way up, then go into Warrior II Pose:

Extended Triangle Pose

Extended Side Angle Pose

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

After this I will stand up straight, bow my head with my hands together and say “Namaste'” while giving thanks to the yoga gods who just made my day so much more calm and pleasant. 😉

This is a rough list of the asanas I try to incorporate into my daily practice.  As I grow more with yoga I will add other asanas as I accomplish them.

Recently I’ve been working on:



Plow Pose


❤ Sam


4 Responses to awe-some asanas

  1. Katey @ Bonne Santé says:

    This is an awesome resource! I’m just starting to incorporate a little yoga into my day and it’s so calming and peaceful. The trouble is, i’m ridiculously, embarrassingly, awkwardly inflexible! But I know I can improve on that and the benefits to how I feel are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing these poses 🙂

    • the neurotic yogini says:

      My suggestion is to do what I did, teach yourself (via DVDs, books, Internet) and do it in the privacy of your own home – then no one can see you stumble or your lack of bendiness! With time.. it will come! I’m still not as flexible as most.. but I’ll get there!


      • Melissa Garcia Koel says:

        Hi, I just discovered your blog and would like to react to the teach-yourself method. I think it’s very important not to just start by yourself, but take classes where your teacher can help correct the pose! Some asana’s can be either useless or harmful if you don’t get them right, and many times you won’t know how well you’re actually following the instructions unless someone points that out to you. Like my teacher says, if it feels too comfortable, it’s not an asana! Without the correction we tend to take the easy way, even when really trying to follow the instructions. So be careful and don’t hesitate in taking classes, we all start out inflexible and looking a bit stupid, you won’t be the only one in the group ;). Plus: most yoga classes are full of old people in their 40-50’s, no way they’re gonna beat you when it comes to bendy-ness!

  2. the neurotic yogini says:

    I totally agree with you! For a long time, classes were unavailable to me (which is why I taught/practiced myself) but now I’m in Austin with many free or donation only classes (even one at my apartment!). I definitely intend to check some out when I get a chance.. life (mostly work, ugh) just gets in the way of getting to the gym (another reason I prefer the at-home method). For beginners it is definitely wise to get the instruction and opinion of the teacher. I did thorough researching before I began practicing myself – using online tools, books, and videos to help me out! I feel like I am very in tune with my body.. also, just be smart and use common sense – if it doesn’t feel like your putting in any effort (or it hurts), it’s prolly not right! Thanks for your input!! I’ll keep you posted on how the classes go!!! 🙂

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