Garlic Knots


1 3/4 c hot water

1/4 c olive oil

1 t sea salt

1T sugar

1 1/2 T dry-active yeast

4 cups unbleached bread flour

Mix all ingredients except for the flour, let yeast fully dissolve. Slowly add the flour until a dough is formed. Let proof (I put mine in a warm oven and it was done in 30 min!) until dough has doubled in size. Roll out the dough, cut into strips, roll and tie into a knot. Let proof again until knots are double in size. Bake at 400 degrees until the knots are nice and brown, around 12 minutes. Brush on garlic oil, recipe below:

Garlic Infused Oil

1/8 c olive oil

2T butter (or butter substitute)

4 (I used 5) garlic cloves

handful fresh parsley, chopped

Heat all ingredients on medium-low while the knots are baking. Brush on knots while still warm. Love this recipe forever.


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